Handmade Olive Oil Soap with Date by Ein Gedi


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Handmade with local virgin olive oil, enriched with natural dates, Shea butter and Glycerin known for their moisturizing, anti-oxidant and nourishing properties. The soap gently cleans the body skin, face and hair, and gives the skin an invigorating glow.

Weight: 3.5 oz.

The Manufacturer: Ein Gedi specializes in the production and development of Dead Sea Cosmetics & Spa, Essential Oils, Perfumes, Candles, and Anointing Oils. Ein Gedi perfumes are based on natural essences made of plants characteristic of the Land of Israel and flowers from the Holy Land. The perfume bottles are hand painted and undergo traditional manual antiquing and oven firing to achieve the special tints of ancient glass. Ein Gedi Anointing Oils are made of Virgin olive oil and essential oils of flours and plants that are mentioned in the Torah. Since the oils are made of Natural olive oil, it can effect on the smell of the products depends the batch of the olive oil. The products are unique and represent the smell from the past.

  • No animal ingredients are used in any of Ein Gedi products.
  • None of these products are tested on animals.

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