Green Hamsa Hand with Flowers by Tzuki Art


This Hamsa is made of metal laser cut. It is coated in deep galvanization, and ends in painting with polyester powder.

Size: 9.8" x 6.3" / 16 x 25 cm

The Artist: Tzuki Art’s original artwork includes a wide range of contemporary Judaica and pop art artifacts. Each handmade piece takes many days of hard work. The multi-stage process begins with sketches, followed by laser cutting of the metals, coating, and ends with the most enjoyable part – hand painting in playful and eccentric colors.

The studio was established in 2006 and is operated by Israeli artist Shay Peled. Peled is a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and has worked as an interior designer for 10 years. In Tzuki Art collection, Peled demonstrates his approach to art as a way to make people smile and warm their hearts. In the field of Judaica art, Tzuki's unusual and groundbreaking approach has brought a touch of freshness to the ancient tradition, making serious religious articles feel more approachable, humorous and endearing.

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