Gold Filled Infinity Ring by Lior Zager


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Indulge yourself into a whirlpool of gold with this unexpected shape shifting Ring, created with great attention to detail. This ring was made to be light and very comfortable on your finger. The ring has no real front or back as it looks good from all sides and you may want to wear it slightly different then the next person.

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Material: The Material is an alloy consisting of 10% gold and 90% silver with a 14 Karat lustrous finish.

The Artist: Lior Zager is a self taught Goldsmith Living and creating in his Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lior enjoys working with Gemstones and metals, which both are hard to the touch yet touch the heart softly. Mostly inspired with nature and the forces of nature, like trying to think of ways to interpret a Thunder storm into a Shape for example.

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