Sterling Silver Etrog Box by Bier Judaica


Sterling silver Etrog (Esrog) box with hammered design and carrying handle. Inscribed with the Hebrew words “U’lekachtem Lachem Pri Etz Hadar” on its side.

Size: 4.7" / 12 cm

The Artist: Bier Judaica was founded in Jerusalem in 1950, by Jizchak Bier. Jizchak graduated the Bezalel Academy of Art and established his workshop with a new concept in Judaica Art. His sons Mordechai and Meir followed in their father’s footsteps and together ensure excellence and craftsmanship.

Everything at Bier Judaica is handmade using different silversmithing techniques: metal cutting, bending, metal spinning, lost wax casting, hammering. Bier classic designs make use of bible verses, original decorative lettering and ornaments related to Jewish customs and folklore.

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