Red Gold Plated Ocean Earring by Amaro


This earring have the colors of clear blue skies and oceans. The turquoise stones, Howlite Chinese Turquoise, Howlite Blue, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise hold the same color was valued by ancient cultures as a guardian from the evil eye. 

The Artist: AMARO is designing and manufacturing Jewelry since 1986, and located in Kiryat Atidim in Tel aviv. Founded by Israeli artist Irit Goffer Sasson. Mrs. Sasson has over 25 years' experience in jewelry design and is herself a live testimony that dreams do come true. Irit entered the world of jewelry and fashion from her deep love to the world of art, where she found a way to express her creativity.

The expertise of AMARO is in designing unique sets of jewels inspired by ancient cultures. Its international nature is expressed in the materials used and the spirit in which they are combined. The materials arrive from all over the world. The jewels are set with natural stones that have energetic values, wild elements, such as corals, shells and bones and combined with Swarovski crystals. The combination of the wild with the processed material gives the jewel a unique and materially rich look, which is the main characteristic of AMARO. All the jewels are handmade, by traditional handiwork.

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