Belly Harp, 16 Strings with Custom Stand by Woodsong


The Belly Harp is being used both for its musical and therapeutic value - the calming effect of its gentle tones.

It's also been known for years that babies in the womb hear or sense sounds, both inside and outside the mother's body. By playing the Belly Harp, the gentle sound vibrations would be transmitted to the baby. We at Woodsong have found playing the Belly Harp while pregnant, very relaxing and after a while, noticed much more baby movement. 

The Belly Harp is tuned to a Pentatonic (5 tone) scale, so that the sounds are always harmonious and pleasing. These types of scales are used in traditional and folk music throughout the world.

Comes with a tuning key, an explanation of how to keep it in tune and a specially designed Stand.

The Artist: WOODSONG by Pete Isacowitz - a workshop located in the village of Rosh Pina, near the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It is where Pete is fulfilling his lifelong dream of having a workshop, where he makes and sells the musical instruments that he builds - Harps, and a wide range of door harps, didgeridoos, marimbas, xylophones, "musical sculptures" and musical tables.

Pete grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. The sounds and rhythms of Africa, so much a part of his surroundings, have been a strong influence in his life and work. He has played the guitar and harmonica since he was a kid, and has always been drawn to, and fascinated by music and musical instruments of all kinds.

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