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Matana Boutique: Unique, Quality Judaica made in Israel

Our love for the land and for it's people has evolved into the idea of seeking out local Israeli artists and manufacturers who will provide our customers with quality artistic Judaica from the Holy Land. All of our Judaica items are made in Israel, and will surely be appreciated by everyone who feels connected to Israel and its history.

Most of our Judaica products will be shipped from warehouses in the U.S. while some will be shipped directly from Israel. Since all of our items are fulfilled by various artists or distributors, your order may arrive in multiple deliveries.

We appreciate your patronage and we hope, that you will like what we sell and tell your friends as well.

Feel free to contact us with any question or suggestion, we'd love to listen and help.

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Matana Boutique


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Artists & Manufacturers

Are you an artist or manufacturer of Jewish gift items, Judaica & home decor products and are interested in selling them through our site? That's great! This is a great opportunity to put out your items for display and on sale, just click here to write to us.

  • We prefer quality and unique Jewish gift items.
  • Items must have quality photos for posting on the web.
  • Items should come with at least a basic description and writeup.
  • Must be manufactured and designed in Israel by an Israeli firm or artist.

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