Winter 2017 in Jerusalem February 09 2017

So far, this winter has been very moderate with me. Very few days with real cold air that might remind me of the NY winters. And snow... forget about snow, although my kids still have that hopeful flicker in their eyes, that maybe, perhaps very soon, they will still get covered with that white snowy fluff.

Quietly, I agree with them. Many times I hoped to wake up to a white Jerusalem, a white covered stillness that will see me staring out the window, with a hot cup of chocolate.

They tell me that up in the Golan Heights, at the foot of Mt. Chermon, there's snow and even an active ski resort. Does it pay the drive up north? Drive for 3 hours and then tumble down the skiing slope in ski shoes? I say tumble, cause there ain't gonna be no skiing with me, tried that once and last.

Actually, I almost forgot to tell you, that a few weeks ago during Friday night, there was some snowfall for a few minutes. I know that because the late night street walkers woke me up with their exciting screams of "Sheleg, Ima'leh".

On Shabbos morning, there was almost none visible, except a few streaks of white near the building edges, marked with paw-prints of the local cats. That didn't stop the few Yerushalmi boys jumping in it with joy, till there was nothing left, except their smiles and laughter.

Good Night, and let's pray for snow.