Reb Chaim of Yerushalayim a"h June 22 2014

One Friday night at one of Reb Chaim's Shabbatons in the old city, 2 women passed by and Reb Chaim asked them if they want to join for the Shabbat meal, they responded "sanks, but vee are German tourists, ve're not Jewish" but that didn't move Reb Chaim and he insisted they come in for the meal, they'll have good food and it's free. So they came in, sat down and stayed for a while and then they thanked their gracious host and left.

Come Shabbat morning and an Israeli women appears at the hall on Misgav Ladach Street and just stands at the door looking inside. Reb Chaim notices her and invites her in for the meal, but she is very hesitant and tells him a little bit aggressively "ani lo shomeret shabbat" so he answers "so what, did I ask you if you are religious? Just come in and enjoy a meal" to which she takes out a cell phone and waves it in his face, "you'll see me with a cell phone and you'll throw me out". But of course who won? Reb Chaim did, he always did.

That women sat through the whole meal and before she left, Reb Chaim asked her "so, did anyone throw you out?, can I just ask you a question? why we're you so sure that I won't let you in?" She answered him, that she was walking in the old city and met two very friendly German tourists and they talked about allot of things and when the topic touched religious Jews she told them that they are very rude and hate non religious Jews. They responded that their experience was just the opposite, last night they were invited by a Chasiddic Jew with the fur hat and all, for a Shabbat meal even after they told him who they were. She couldn't believe them, they insisted on showing her the place since they remembered that there's also a Shabbat morning meal. They shlepped her to the Hall waiting outside to see what will happen and surely enough she was in.

That was the first of many Shabbat meals to come for a newly Shomeret Shabbat. Hashem has his Shlichim, even in the guise of German tourists.

Last night at the moment Havdala was recited at his bedside at Rabeinu Tam zman as he insisted, Reb Chaim gave his Neshama back to his creator. Shabbat that was so loved by Reb Chaim waited out for Motzei Shabbat to part with her friend and promoter.

Reb Chaim of Yerushalayim (Daskal) will surely be missed by his lovely family, and the countless friends who were inspired by him. May his memory live on till the day of Mashicah very soon in our days, Amen!